It's America Saves Week and you can win $1,000!

It's America Saves Week and you can win $1,000!

Saving is a habit, not an amount.  No matter how little, saving is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Saving just $3 a day, eating breakfast at home instead of eating out, can leave you with $1095 in the bank at the end of the year.

Restoration is committed to strengthening the savings dollars of our community, and your tax return is a great time to begin. Children who save for college are more likely to perform better at school and go to college.  Adults who save for retirement are more likely to have better health in retirement.  

Make an appointment for free Financial Counseling (718-636-6994) and let us help you set up a savings plan for emergencies, a home, your education or your retirement.

Share Your Savings Goal and Win $1000 in the #ImSavingFor Contest.  

It’s easy to enter. Just share a short video or photo of your savings story, or a picture of you and what you are saving for and enter to win $1,000. Go to Enter by April 7th