Economic Solutions

A one-stop shop for the workforce development and asset building, Restoration's Economic Solutions Center (ESC) is a leader in advancing a holistic approach to financial independence, meeting customers where they are in terms of skills and needs. Serving both adults and youth in Centeral Brooklyn with a focus on low-to-moderate income individuals, the Center works to facilitate economic self-sufficiency and family stability while improving outcomes for youth. The Economic Solutions Center model includes a comprehensive set of services that help individuals and families stabilize their financial situation while they are looking for work or career advancement. Over the past year, Restoration served 7,000 individuals with financial literacy services, workforce development, youth enrichment and social supports. Sample outcomes for the past two years include:

  • 4,578 financial coaching sessions offered
  • 3,270 took advantage of our financial literacy services
  • Over $9.2 million generated in tax refunds, including $4 million in Earned Income Tax Credits alone
  • 1,530 people recieved workplace readiness training; 770 people placed in jobs
  • 1,400 young people placed in summer jobs
  • 2,033 people screened for various public benefits
  • Amount earned in cumulative benefit paynemts -- $8.4 million