Tax Preparation Assistance

Tax Preparation Assistance
January 29th-April 15th
Tuesday-Thursday 10:00am-4:30pm
Saturday's 9am-3pm
Did you know a major untapped source of cash for low income families is the Earned Income Tax Credit? Some 35,000 individuals in Bedford Stuyvesant are eligible for EITC while only roughly 25% actually claimed these returns. Restoration is committed to increasing access to this major resource and is providing free tax preparation at Restoration Plaza. New Yorkers who earn $50,000 or less with dependents or $18,000 or less without dependents are eligible for the Food Bank's free tax assistance. Free tax preparation is also offered to self-employed taxi drivers and childcare providers. Stop by 1406 Fulton Street and speak customer service desk or for additional information call (718) 636-6994.

Location: Financial Empowerment Center and Carver Bank
1406 Fulton Street (Restoration Plaza)