College Access Center

College Access Center
Operating out of Brooklyn’s Boys and Girls High School located at 1700 Fulton Street, Restoration’s College Access Center is available to all public high school students interested in reaching their full academic potential. Offerings include college prep and one-on-one counseling, job readiness training and access to internships, and wrap around supports to youth and their families such as access to benefits and financial and legal counseling. Services include:

College Access: Monday and Wednesday, 4-6pm
We meet weekly for one hour sessions. The program takes place in small groups of between 3 - 10 students during their lunch periods (if they attend BHGS) and after school on Mondays and Wednesdays (for students attending schools other than Boys and Girls High School).

Topics covered include:

• Understanding your HS transcript
• Determining your cumulative academic average
• Identifying college majors through career interest surveys
• Using the internet for college search
• Understanding college profiles
• Identifying right fit colleges
• Attending college at home vs. going away
• Writing college essays and obtaining recommendations
• Completing college applications
• Financial aid - completing FAFSA, TAP
• Applying on time
• Weighing college acceptances for final selection

One-on-one Counseling: Monday –Friday by appointment till 6pm
Restoration staff provides one-on-one counseling to students needing more intensive assistance. Most students are first generation college applicants and really benefit from one-on-one sessions to discuss concerns, fears, insecurities and the step by step process of applying to the right colleges.

Job Readiness: Thursday and Friday, 3:30-5:30
Sessions meet two times a week for two hours per session. The course is designed to prepare students for internships in and outside of school. Topics include:

• Completing an interest survey and discussion of related careers
• Completing a standard job application
• Writing a resume
• Dos and don’ts on the job
• Conflict resolution strategies
• Mock interviews

For more information, call (718) 636-6994 or visit our customer service team located at the Financial Empowerment Center, Restoration Plaza (Across from Duane Reade).