An Institution of Respect and Equality
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Founded in 1967, Restoration is the nation's first community development corporation (CDC).


To close the racial wealth gap in Central Brooklyn's lower income neighborhoods through an economic mobility platform designed to help people become financially literate and independent.


A flourishing Brooklyn community consisting of strong businesses and institutions that are anchored in a culture of equity and inclusion.

Our Manifesto

Dreaming is not for the sleepers.

Dreaming is for those awakened to the possibility in the air.

Who are alive to the streets.

Partakers in the game.

Dreaming unleashes you to fly above the haters, the persecutors, the naysayers.

Dreaming takes you to school.

Dreaming helps you say yes.

Dreaming makes you untouchable. A pillar of strength in a weakened world.

It sets your nerves alight.

Dreaming spreads like a contagion. Flowing. Building. Questioning.

We at Restoration have seen the power of dreams. And we are dreaming, too.

We dream of opportunities for the people of Bed-Stuy, a community that has borne the weight of America’s history and has lived through it with grace and dignity.

An institution of respect and equality.

A spiritual home for strength and opportunity.

We remove the barriers of opportunity, expel the darkness that eclipses hope, and dispel the shame that stifles our power to dream.

It’s time we enabled the people of Bed-Stuy to dream of things that never were and ask, “why not?”