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Financial Inclusion

Personal Financial Coaching

Restoration strives to equip the residents of Central Brooklyn with the financial tools, skills and confidence to overcome challenges and achieve financial success.

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Financial Services

The Center for Personal Financial Health offers no-cost, direct-facing financial support and resources to community members that enable them to build financial empowerment and stability.  Our dedicated team of financial counselors have years of experience providing expert advice to clients, meeting them where they are to help them arrive at where they need to be.

What Restoration Can Help You With


Restoration will connect you with a financial counselor to show you step-by-step how to create a budget that best fits your life. Budgeting enables you to grow your wealth and make productive decisions to plan for the future. 

Maintaining a budget is the cornerstone of financial management, no matter what your income. 75% of Americans say they are stressed about money. The best way to lower your financial stress is to stick to a budget. When you set a realistic budget, you can save effectively, and take steps to reach your financial goals.

While 93% of Americans agree that upholding a budget is important, only two out of three Americans do. Their reasons often include not having the adequate time or income.


Our financial counselors help you take productive steps toward improving your credit score and growing your financial opportunities. The average credit score for Restoration’s clients is 610, but increasing credit score by more than 35 points is one of the most likely outcomes we can achieve for our clients.

Having a good credit score is crucial for financial stability. You qualify for better interest rates, pay lower credit card charges, and become more eligible for a loan. You then have more opportunities to grow your wealth and success, including starting a business and buying a home.


The average debt of Restoration’s clients is $16,500. When income does not keep up with the high cost of urban living, many people have no choice but to use their credit cards to fill the gap. Financial insecurity can take a toll in many ways, from hindering our ability to reach out financial goals to hurting our mental health.

However, you can pay off your debt and achieve financial stability through straight-forward, accessible steps. Restoration will connect you with a financial counselor to walk you through doing exactly that, including  reducing your debt from 25 to 6%!  


Restoration will pair you with a financial counselor to help you assess your financial situation and develop proactive habits and choices that will enable you to save a portion of your income.  Whether you are saving for an emergency savings fund, your child’s education, retirement or homeownership, we are here for you and can help you develop your pathway to your goal. 

Smart saving is a key factor in achieving your financial goals and is feasible no matter what your income is. Acquiring savings means being able to invest in more meaningful financial decisions in the future as well as having an emergency financial cushion during times of crisis.

However, nearly 25% of Americans have no emergency savings, a number that has only increased from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 35.5% have less than $1,000 saved across checking, savings, retirement and other investment accounts.


At Restoration, our financial counselors will help you take steps toward investing proactively. This includes connecting you to a free-of-cost meeting with a certified financial planner, typically a $200 cost, during which you can receive guidance on key financial items including retirement, life insurance, college savings and estate planning.  

Restoration’s Financial Plan Course is a 5-session training offered twice a year that covers the essential financial literacy topics for developing a complete financial plan. 

When you invest, you take control of your wealth and benefit from both short- and long-term returns.  You are growing your wealth, saving for retirement and generating pathways to new opportunities, including starting or expanding a business. 

Nearly half of all Americans are not investing their money, the main reason being a lack of knowledge of where and how to do so. However, no matter what your income, you can learn the basics of making smart investments to achieve your financial goals.