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To Make an Appointment for Taxes and/or our Financial Inclusion and Employment Services:

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For any questions regarding our free tax prep assistance program, send an email to freetaxprep@restorationplaza.org or call the tax hotline at (929) 432-3314.

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation

1368 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: (718) 636-6900

Asset Management

Phone: (718) 636-6959


Brooklyn Business Center

Phone: (718) 636-6973



Phone: (929) 432-3306
Email: communications@restorationplaza.org


Center for Personal Financial Health

Phone: (718) 636-6994
Email: services@restorationplaza.org

Jobs Plus

Phone: (917)-267-5595

Event Services

Phone: (718) 636-6951
Email: Mrice@restorationplaza.org


RestorationArt and Billie Holiday Theatre

Phone: (718) 636-69491
Email: restorationart@restorationplaza.org


Center for Healthy Neighborhoods

Phone: (917) 267-5597
Email: Health@restorationplaza.org



Phone: (718) 638-5705
Email: Weatherization@restorationplaza.org


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