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Arts & Culture

Restoration works to preserve and foster the unique artistic and cultural contributions of Central Brooklyn and its residents.

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Arts and Culture

Restoration recognizes the importance of arts and culture in creating a vibrant and flourishing community. We provide the spaces and support for artists of all ages and disciplines to realize their fullest artistic expression and share it with the community. Restoration Plaza is home to the Billie Holiday Theatre (BHT), one of the oldest African-American theaters in the United States, as well as multiple gallery spaces, dance studios, and music rooms.

Through the Youth Arts Academy, Restoration and the BHT provide children aged 3-18 with multi-disciplinary arts instruction in dance, music, and drama. Our partnerships and artists-in-residency program further allow hundreds of children each year to learn from world-class artists, strengthening their love of the arts and fostering the next generation of Central Brooklyn musicians, actors, artists, and writers.

Our annual street music festival, Restoration Rocks!, attracts thousands of people each year and has hosted highly-acclaimed artists such as Mos Def, Yasin Bey, and QuestLove. We also host book signings, discussions, and other special events throughout the year.

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The Billie Holiday Theatre

The Billie Holiday Theatre

The Billie Holiday Theatre (BHT) is an Obie- and AUDELCO-winning theater located in the heart of Bed Stuy within Restoration Plaza. Founded in 1972, the BHT has for 50 years stood as a beacon for artistic brilliance and innovation rooted in social justice. Its stages have fostered the careers of luminaries such as Samuel L. Jackson, Debbie Allen, Bill Cobbs, William “Smokey” Robinson, and many more.

Youth Arts Academy

Youth Arts Academy

The Youth Arts Academy (YAA) has provided local children aged 3-18 with multi-disciplinary arts instruction for over 22 years. It offers classes in dance, theatre, and music at all levels, working to foster the unique artistic talents of the next generation. The program is a cornerstone of Restoration’s efforts to preserve and promote arts and culture and serves hundreds of children annually, with many students earning scholarships and finding successful careers in their chosen discipline.

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