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What if 12 Weeks Could Double Your Salary Potential?

The Breakthrough Technology Fellowship, Restoration's pilot initiative in partnership with the Marcy Lab School, showed remarkable results.

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The tech and innovation economy is booming, but this growth is leaving out many Brooklyn residents, particularly people of color.


Limited access to resources that foster career readiness and success is an obstacle faced by many young professionals of color. As a response, Restoration has partnered with The Marcy Lab School, another Brooklyn-based non-profit whose founders are POC, to launch the Breakthrough Technology Fellowship, a 12-week pilot program designed to train New Yorkers with prior programming or computer science experience for competitive, full-time software engineering roles. The program follows a robust curriculum focused on career fluency, racial identity development, and 1:1 coaching.

The Breakthrough Technology Fellowship tested the hypothesis that a gap in leadership skills prevents people with technical skills from getting jobs.

The pilot class of 20 high-performing Fellows took the initiative to seek out an alternative pathway to a career in software engineering – and demonstrated remarkable results

  • 20 FELLOWS

    Enrolled from all 5 boroughs.

  • 100% OF FELLOWS

    Completed the program and were job-ready.

  • $106K AVERAGE

    Starting Salary


    Involved in the program (involvement includes: hiring, volunteering, and hosting events).

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We believe that a few key elements contribute to the unique success of the Breakthrough model:

1. Equal emphasis on technical and leadership development.

2. Direct connection to employers who have dedicated headcount to Breakthrough graduates.

3. High-touch model with intensive 1:1 work with Fellows. Throughout the program, Fellows receive individual coaching that equips them to tackle obstacles inside and outside of the program.

4. Unique curricular components that prepare professionals of color to enter tech workplaces, such as understanding systems of oppression, appreciating that your story matters, and developing language to tell your story in a way that resonates with employers.

5. Industry mentors work with Fellows during the program and for at least 3 months on the job.

Testimonial "I joined The Marcy Lab School to gain access to a community focused on helping people with backgrounds similar to my own excel in the tech field." Phoenix Mcknight

Marcy Lab student

Fellowship Graduate Phoenix Mcknight Testimonial Photo

"Shortly before my first coding bootcamp ended, COVID hit New York, which made my job search much more difficult. With job offerings drying up and traditional networking tactics being almost impossible, I focused on looking for programs with the right expertise and relationships to help me launch a career. By the end of the coding courses and professional development lessons, I plan on being able to market my skills and my story to potential employers more effectively."

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