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We create professional mobility through training, networking and pathways to employment.

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For the communities we serve, limited access to professional resources and support has often led to a significant barrier in career mobility for its residents. Local, accessible job services are essential in providing often marginalized individuals with access to opportunity, fostering economic equity and prosperity within their neighborhoods as a result. Restoration’s team of dedicated Placement Specialists provide tailored, one-on-one guidance to Central Brooklyn residents to better meet their individual needs and create their own pathways toward career success. We are committed to enhancing career mobility through education and facilitating meaningful professional connections, empowering individuals to find fulfilling jobs and contribute to their communities. Our ultimate goal is to increase the percentage of Brooklyn residents pursuing advanced education and training and securing career track employment opportunities that allow one to live in NYC and pursue financial goals.

Track Record

  • 24,000 Individuals have been connected to employment

  • $8M revenue have been added by our clients to the Brooklyn economy

  • 150+ jobs have been created by our clients in the community

Our Services

At Restoration, our team of Placement Specialists are dedicated to meeting clients where they are. Whether you’re looking to grow in your current role or explore a different career path altogether, our team is equipped with the tools and insights to help you achieve your professional goals. From webinars to one-on-one counseling sessions, our services give you the opportunity to learn new skills, connect with like minded professionals, and set in place the steps you need to support your career goals, whether it’s growing professionally or building a team effectively.

Interested in our services?

If you are a resident of Central Brooklyn and looking to network, grow your professional skills or find the job best fit for you, we encourage you to submit a request at the link below. Once you submit, one of our Placement Specialists will contact you to discuss further details.

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For Employers

If you are a resident of Central Brooklyn interested in learning more on how to find the right people for your team and hone in the right qualities in your employees to optimize company success, we encourage you to submit a job order request at the link below. Once you submit, one of our Placement Specialists will contact you to discuss further details.

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Special Initiatives

While our services support the full gamut of the population, we have several special initiatives that focus on specific neighborhoods, developments and demographics.

  • Jobs Plus East

    Services Penn Wortman
  • Jobs Plus North

    Serves Lafayette, Armstrong, Tompkins and Marcy Houses in Bed Stuy
  • REP Brooklyn

    Supports young people ages 18 to 24 to access training, education and career pathways
  • Permanent Affordability Commitment Together

    The PACT Brooklyn Bundle Project oversees development, management and social services for nine developments.
  • Breakthrough Technology Fellowship

    Learn more about this game-changing program providing entry career pathways in high paying jobs.