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NEWS | May 4, 2022

Colvin W. Grannum Featured on The Housing Problem Podcast

Restoration's President and CEO speaks about the role housing plays in the racial wealth gap on the podcast The Housing Problem

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Podcast Hosts Rafael and Kirk sit down with Restoration President and CEO Colvin W. Grannum to talk about how Black and brown communities have been the most vulnerable to the consequences of The Housing Problem. Building generational wealth, race-conscious public policy, and bringing holistic thinking to how and where we build housing are just some of the topics this thought-provoking conversation covers.


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About The Housing Problem

“From the days of the Koch administration to Mayor Adams stepping into City Hall, New York City has spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to solve the city’s housing problem. Yet from sky-high rents to crumbling public housing to rising rates of homelessness, the problem persists. Join housing experts Rafael Cestero and Kirk Goodrich, as they look at how New York City’s housing problem has evolved during their combined 60 years in the industry and wrangle with the most daunting challenges still ahead.”