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How and Why to Start Investing: Lessons from a 19-Year-Old

| 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


How and Why to Start Investing: Lessons from a 19 year-old

Investing can feel tough; getting started can feel even tougher. But, what if we showed you how you could take 12 dollars a day and invest it to turn it into massively more? This webinar will explain why investing is one of the easiest ways to not only grow personal but also generational wealth, including explaining how to NEVER pay taxes on the gains that you earn.

View the webinar presentation by Tyler Carlton, one of our interns who currently attends Boston College studying biology and chemistry. Before the pandemic, Tyler did not have much experience in finance, but found enjoyment in research of all kinds. Once the pandemic rolled around in March, his plans to work with a research scientist and take courses over the summer were derailed, and he found himself at home without much to do. As he was looking around for internship opportunities, he stumbled upon the TV personality Jim Cramer and heard, “Riches are made in recessions” and to believe that the world was ending was “betting against science.” Tyler’s curiosity spiked; he believed in science because he had an appreciation and understanding of it. Within 3 months, researching between 3 and sometimes 9 hours a day, Tyler racked up an impressive 201% return, beating the market’s 40% return in the same time period. He says, “I spent almost 300 hours in the first couple months learning terms, strategies and listening to really smart people about investing. It was not easy… I believe anyone can do it but, only if they are willing to put in the time and effort to learn.”

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