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“reSURGEnce 2022 black church black business conference is the first step in a year-­long campaign that will help to fuel a renewed flame for the development and growth of Black businesses. This campaign is a collaboration of The New York Christian Times and several key community­ based organizations and government agencies such as New York City Small Business Services, South Bronx Economic Development Corporation, The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, and other chambers of commerce, development groups, and business associations.

Purposeful in our commitment to helping develop and strengthen Black-­owned businessesreSURGEnce 2022 will host a series of business forums and conferences that will bring together Black businesseschurches, and community not-­for-­profits and link them with resources and institutions, governments, and corporations to facilitate funding,
procurement, sales, and marketing, trade, training, and a wide range of services and business exchange.”


Staff from Restoration’s Brooklyn Business Center will be at this event, willing to assist you and your small businesses with their services. Come stop by for a morning of food, community, and regrowth!

Learn more here: https://resurgence2022.com/