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Tech Career Insights Series: Futurism - Dreams Disrupting Divides (AMA)

| 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

When people think of the future or the practice of futurism, a homogenous group of wealthy tech entrepreneurs and leaders of pop culture entertainment may come to mind. But the future belongs to everyone and depends on everyone’s input.

Futurism is a movement to dream and design a space for yourself, assuming that the world tomorrow can look and feel very different than the world today. This thinking can provide endless possibilities in terms of innovation, growth, and even financial freedom. However, many disadvantaged communities of people battle the feeling that you have to choose practicality of what’s available to them over the imagination of what’s out there for them. The consequence of this is the continuation of ideas and systems that do not benefit most people.

How can everyday people be part of futurism? Can this movement become accessible to every person regardless of their gender identity, race, or socioeconomic class? How can we create practical pathways for reinvention and innovation in our lives and for those around us?

Join us as we explore your questions about this growing space and dig deep into the possibilities for Black and Latinx communities to participate in and benefit from this emerging concept that we can own the future.