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We work to advance economic equity by ensuring that every individual has the tools to financially prosper.

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Financial Services

Disrupting the racial wealth gap means providing essential support in the neighborhoods facing the largest financial barriers in the path to economic prosperity. As a provider for the New York City Empowerment Center for over 10 years, Restoration strives to equip the residents of Central Brooklyn with the financial tools, skills and confidence to overcome challenges and achieve financial success.

The Center for Personal Financial Health offers no-cost, direct-facing financial support and resources to community members that enable them to build financial empowerment and stability.  Our dedicated team of financial counselors have years of experience providing expert advice to clients, meeting them where they are to help them arrive at where they need to be.

Through our services:

  • 29,500 financial counseling sessions provided to Central Brooklyn residents

  • ~$6M in personal debt has been alleviated by our clients over the past three years

  • ~$1M in savings has been invested by our clients over the past three years

  • ~$11M in tax refunds have been secured over the past three years

Our Services Include:

Restoration will connect you with a financial counselor to show you how to create a budget that fits your income bracket and daily routines, enables you to grow your wealth, and make productive decisions to plan for the future.

Having a good credit score is crucial for financial stability. Our financial counselors help you take productive steps toward improving your credit score and growing your financial opportunities.

It’s possible to alleviate debt and achieve financial stability through straight-forward, accessible steps. At Restoration, we’ll pair you with a financial counselor to help you on that path.

When you invest, you take control of your wealth and benefit from both short- and long-term returns. At Restoration, our financial counselors can help you assess the right investments to help you achieve a financially stable future.

Smart saving is a key factor in achieving your financial goals and is feasible no matter what your income is. Restoration will pair you with a financial counselor to help you assess your financial situation and develop proactive habits and choices that will enable you to save a portion of your income.

More than half of Americans admit they are not confident about their understanding of the tax code. Restoration is a year-round tax site with services by appointment only. We connect you with a financial counselor who will walk you through understanding and filing your taxes.

Client Spotlight

Testimonial “I didn’t know about retirement planning, so to have a professional walk through it step by step was a wonderful thing. Now that I am investing, I feel confident in my financial future. I am so glad to be in a place to help the people around me, thanks to the help Restoration gave me.” Darrel