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Discover how our financial counselors can help you take control of your wealth through making proactive investments.

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When you invest, you take control of your wealth and benefit from both short- and long-term returns.  You are growing your wealth, saving for retirement and generating pathways to new opportunities, including starting or expanding a business. 

Nearly half of all Americans are not investing their money, the main reason being a lack of knowledge of where and how to do so. However, no matter what your income, you can learn the basics of making smart investments to achieve your financial goals.

At Restoration, our financial counselors will help you take steps toward investing proactively. This includes connecting you to a free-of-cost meeting with a certified financial planner, typically a $200 cost, during which you can receive guidance on key financial items including retirement, life insurance, college savings and estate planning.  

Restoration’s Financial Plan Course is a 5-session training offered twice a year that covers the essential financial literacy topics for developing a complete financial plan.