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Restoration Re-envisioned | Restoration Plaza

Host Your Next Event At Restoration Plaza!

Restoration has a variety of indoor and outdoor rental spaces available for special events like cultural performances, weddings, meetings and celebrations. Prices are based on duration, type of event, and availability. Discounts available for organizations, faith-based and non-profit organizations.

The following rooms are available for rental:

Lobby: Dimensions: 38’x56′ (Capacity: 125)

Community Room 1: Dimensions: 65’x29′ (Capacity: 150)

Multi-Purpose Room: Dimensions: 52’x25′ (Capacity: 125)

SkyLight Gallery: Dimensions: 44’x39′ (Capacity: 125)

1360 Fulton Street 5th Floor: Dimensions: 83’x39′ (Capacity: 200)

The Amphitheater: Dimensions: 112’x67′ (Capacity: 1000)