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Vision for the Plaza

In 2019, we created a new vision for a redesigned Plaza that will advance our efforts to close the racial wealth gap.

New Vision

Through community action, we will achieve community results.

In 2019, we hosted a series of community focus groups to re-envision the future of Restoration Plaza in support of our ongoing mission to close the racial wealth gap. The resulting master plan, created by world-renowned architect David Adjaye and incorporating community feedback, aims to increase the net worth of residents in Central Brooklyn through the tech-driven economy, celebrate and preserve the cultural identity of Bedford Stuyvesant, and help create long-term sustainability for Restoration and its programs.

To achieve this, we will improve and expand the number of public spaces, raise awareness of our art programs anchored by the world-class Billie Holiday Theatre, bring in mission-aligned retail and create an innovation campus to expand educational and employment opportunities. Despite its transformation, the Plaza’s mission to serve and uplift the very community that distinguishes it will remain.