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Service Referrals

Discover how our care coordinators can help you find the right services to overcome barriers and achieve your goals.

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Service Referrals

The goal of our staff is to identify and support your unique needs. A member of our care coordination team will screen you for benefits, identify the specific barriers to your success, and recommend services to overcome them. Our service referrals include our inhouse programs, which provide financial or employment support, as well as external referrals to our partner organizations. Our team can provide service referrals on topics including:

  • Food insecurity 
  • Cooling Assistance
  • Daycare and Summer Camps 
  • Rental Assistance
  • Legal Advice 

To schedule an appointment with a care coordinator, email services@restorationplaza.org or call 718-636-6994.

Our Referral Partners include:

  • NDA Healthy Families
  • CUNY School of Professional Studies
  • Brooklyn Legal Services
  • Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc.
  • New York Quality Healthcare Corporation 
  • Grow NYC 
  • The Family Center